Reconstructing Gödel

Gödel's Lost Letter and P=NP


Kurt Gdel left a large amount of unpublished writings and notebooks and preserved correspondence. Called his Nachlass, German for “after-leavings” or bequest, these writings were catalogued and organized by several—including his first biographer, John Dawson, for a heroic two years. Those of highest scientific and general interest were published in volumes III, IV, and V of KurtGdel:CollectedWorks. Among them was a list of 14 numbered assertions titled “My philosophical viewpoint” but without elaboration. They are believed associated to a lecture Gdel started preparing in the early 1960s but never gave, whose draft is in the Nachlass.

Today we are delighted to have new communications from Gdel, as we have previously received around Halloween and All Saints’ Day, so we can continue our series of interviewswithhim.

What the Nachlass shows clearly is a perfectionist at work. Dawson’s biography relates that a two-year…

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